Integrated Development Plans and Growth Strategies

Globally, development projects are now increasingly expected to go beyond the fundamentals of maximising land and asset value to achieve more complex objectives. Projects must answer the requirements of tenant, user, community and government stakeholders. They are expected to generate value and employment in the economy, raise quality of life and support community development whilst also reducing the pressure on scare land and natural resources and limiting the impact on overstretched regional infrastructure. Balancing these pressures not only requires good design, but also strong overall planning, economic and financial modelling, advanced engineering and a clear understanding of the development and operational management. Such projects often act as catalysts for the development of new, higher value economic clusters for a city or region.

Bageso Housing & Development Consultants has developed a strong international track record of complex development projects. At the heart of our approach is the integrated development plan (IDP). The IDP is an evidence based process grounded in research and is location-specific. Through it we understand client vision and objectives for the development against the key market, economic, social and policy factors shaping the demand for development and the urban, environmental, infrastructure and organizational factors which will shape the ability to meet that demand.

We assist clients by identifying a clear vision for their development and establish robust and measurable objectives that define what success looks like to them. Through defined project parameters design alternatives can be developed and tested against economic and technical criteria. This ensures the highest and best land use and the optimum approach to sustainability, design, phasing and implementation.

Our experience and planning expertise, together with state of the art physical and financial modelling, is supported by an array of technical expertise in environment, infrastructure, energy and land development.