Property Planning

Property planning is the process of organising the use of land and its resources and capabilities to best meet people’s needs over time

– hence Bageso’s motto: The present is the future:s foundation.

From this definition it is clear that property planning encompasses a much broader spectrum than is generally realised.

The following procedures are the most common in the organisation of land use:

  • Township establishment: The process of turning farmland or smallholdings into township land.
  • Rezoning: The process of amending our Planning Scheme conditions pertaining to a particular property.
  • Sub-division: The process of dividing a single property into two or more portions.
  • Consolidation:  The process of consolidating two or more properties into one portion.
  • Consent use: This procedure is followed when a Town Planning Scheme specifically provides for certain uses with the consent of the local authority.
  • Removal of Restrictive Conditions is often required to rid a property of certain inflexible encumbrances written into the title deed.

The Bageso team has massive experience in dealing with all of the above processes, backed by an extensive knowledge base of the relevant legislation and policies, as well as municipal systems and procedures. Clients include both the private and public sectors.