Spatial Planning

The goal of spatial planning is to provide policy and implementation frameworks that guide decision-making over the short to medium term. Making sure that such plans remain robust and relevant to public and private sector decision-makers is an ongoing task – one that will rely on regular monitoring and review of current trends.

Bageso’s planning and design approach in this area encourages:

  • Ease of movement – regionally and locally
  • Spaces that are functional, and easy to use and understand
  • Places featuring variety, choice and adaptability
  • Places that facilitate ease of management and maintenance of the physical environment and services.

The success of a spatial plan depends to a large extent on how effectively people work together. These include those who are involved in managing the process, those who prepare and implement various regulatory processes, those who decide on applications and submissions – and those who offer support. The collaboration between these parties rarely happens by chance and the process within which people collaborate to build on common interest requires careful and deliberate management.